Artist Statement

"It is the movement of people and things that console us.  If the leaves on the trees didn’t move, how sad the trees would be — and so should we!"  –Degas

The desire to create is a gift.  Painting is an expression of my inner self and my reaction to the natural world and is a reflection of my heart.  My art helps satisfy my desire to share cherished places in nature and the inner energy that created them, to give a more intimate view, and to capture a serene, calm image.  I usually choose nature's subjects, as I find them perfect and honest designs in themselves with strength and endurance in their continuing existence.

I often start with no image, but with a pour of liquid paint.  I'm fascinated by the process of water mixing and mingling on the paper, the interplay of the intended and its random result.  From there I look for energy and attitudes with color and pattern in mind.  Next, I complete a drawing using elements from several of my photos in the composition. As my colors flow I'm ever aware of color theory and the interplay of color in nature.   I'm not interested in a perfect bloom or image, but in showing a hint of the metamorphosis of an image or reflection.  I'm looking for new possibilities in textural qualities, light playing across an image, play of colors and contrasts. 

I use strong color.  Nature is strong in color, textural content and the unexpected.  Removed from nature the images make a strong presence.  I especially enjoy playing with the illusion of depth and manipulating it on paper.

Since 1999 I have been painting on a two-dimensional surfaces, concentrating more on learning the materials, techniques, basic composition, and elements.  The instructors I chose to assist in my artistic development were selected due to their ability to introduce new techniques and a new view of watermedia. 

I look forward to expanding my personal boundaries as I work in the future.  Skill is an important aspect of my work, but the most vital element is the discovery process.

“The object is not to create art, but to be in a state of mind where art is inevitable.  That takes concentration and time"  –Robert Henri